Welcome to the Sum of All Tears Series website, we’re glad you’re here. You may have heard we had some hiccups on the journey to publication but we, the authors, are now firmly in command of this series and how it will be produced. Thank you to the fans and friends who stuck with us as we transitioned this story and series to a stable and beneficial platform, and a warm welcome to those just joining us.
The first story in the series, Icehaven, is being prepared for readers right now and we could not be more pleased to be able to bring this unique dystopian tale to you in digital, print, and audio. The second story, Liberty, will be available for pre-order as Icehaven releases. 
To keep up with release dates, appearances, and more, be sure to bookmark this site, subscribe to Kim and Marty’s newsletters, and follow their social media platforms. We’ll host giveaways, contests and more as the release date nears, so don’t miss a minute as we head toward the lovely moment you have this story in your hands.

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